Azerbaijan Marriage Customs

You should be ready to splurge on some amazing food and drinks and party until your ears necklace when you attend an Azerbaijani wedding. You might be surprised to learn that people do n’t get tinnitus until they’re 40 because the music is so loud.

An azerbaijani ceremony has many stages, from the matchmaking stage to the formal ceremony. In the past, the feminine relatives of qualified bachelors may search for appropriate brides at a variety of locations, including musical concerts, festivals, and religious celebrations. They would inquire as to a woman’s period, history, and family. The alternative was then made by the couple’s home, who chose to accept or reject it. There was a lot of pressure on the matchmakers to get it best because their rejection would have been very damaging to them.

Close friends and family of the bride would visit the groom’s home a few days prior to the wedding to set up his marriage. It was referred to as “paltarkesdi.” All of the clothing would be packed into a neck, which the women did then transport on two trays(khonchas ) to the bride’s house. The bride’s sister do exhibit her novel family people the bride and the gowns.

A ceremony was held at the couple’s house three days later. This was the “uzechikhdi” service, which included the wife as an equal part of her husband’s family. This festival was very significant. Her mother prepared meals while guests brought items.

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